Video production for events – necessary, or over the top? Well to be honest the choice is up to you, but we thought we’d equip you with the facts to inform your decision. 

In this day and age, whether it’s professional or not, just about every event ends up with content being created. Whether it’s your Aunt Sue uploading a family selfie to humble brag about your cousin’s engagement on Facebook or a photo booth at corporate events, experiences are captured, shared, and remembered. The role of events content, especially video content, has become more significant than ever (yes, we too saw all of the ‘2023 recap’ videos, and we loved every single one of them). 

For everything from music festivals to community gatherings, sporting carnivals to corporate conferences, videos provide a means of remembering. In a similar vein, well-crafted event videos have the power to transport people back in time to relive moments, and also provide a carefully curated experience for those who didn’t attend. Talk about the best of both worlds! Let’s deep dive into this… 

Event videos preserve moments in time 

Big or small, events hold special significance for those involved. Videos can serve as a time capsule, preserving moments. They capture the atmosphere, the people, the interactions, the conversation, the laughter, the applause – all the things you want to replay over and over. The audience can relive those moments and emotions, and share them! 

More than just footage, professional event videos are carefully curated through the nuances of framing, lighting, pacing, sound and composition to bring the event experience to life. The quality and production is seamless, telling a narrative and encapsulating feelings. They very quickly become a shareable memory to be passed along as the years go by! 

Event videos serve as a source of connection 

It’s 2024, we live in an era dominated by social media and video content is king. So, leverage it! Professionally produced event videos not only serve as momentos for attendees, but are also powerful tools for organisations. They can incorporate interviews and testimonials to add depth, emotion and a human touch. These videos can be used to promote future events and foster a sense of community and familiarity, and once again – they are so easy to share! Limitless organic reach and engagement? Yes please! 

Event videos can enhance your brand 

Visibility, awareness, and relevance are key in the current environment across industry. If you’re hosting an event and you want to stand out and show professionalism and attention to detail, an event video can do just that. A well-produced video can enhance brand image, increase stickiness, and leave a lasting impression not only on attendees, but also clients, partners and employees. If you have event sponsors or partners too, showcasing their brands and support in an event video is a great way of building relationships and gives them bang for their buck. How good! 

Ultimately, event video production is not just a technical process but also a creative way of producing a visual narrative to relive past experiences and share the magic of unique moments. As technology advances and creativity flourishes, the potential for capturing the essence of events and creating long lasting, shareable memories through video content continues to grow. 

No matter the event, investing in professional video production ensures that the memories forged are preserved with care and artistry, ready to be visited time and time again. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, get in touch with our videography team here.