Travis has over a decade of experience in capturing everything from sports to advertising. He has the skills and experience to make the most mundane scene come alive. With a 1DX3 and an R5 in his kit how did this camera perform in Travis’ usual workflow? Let’s find out!

Recently, Travis was given the opportunity to test out a new camera and give us his honest review. Sceptical at first, he took it to a friend’s business to do some run and gun headshots and immediately fell in love with the results. With the familiar Canon layout, he was able to pick up the camera and start shooting. The camera was intuitive and easy to use, making it seamless and enjoyable.


Putting it to the essential sports photography test

Travis then had the chance to join forces with the talented tennis star, Stefanos Tsitsipas, for a press-style photoshoot on the beautiful Rottnest Island for Tourism Western Australia. The shoot was fast-paced, capturing Stefanos in various locations. The Canon R6 camera proved to be up to the task, with its compact size and impressive performance. Not too dissimilar to the R5 with the dynamic range and plenty of detail to bring out the shadows. With surprisingly no quality issues being a smaller sensor, the camera kept up with everything it needed to.


Next up, it was time to step up to the plate (or wicket, rather) for a day at the Scorchers & Stars Big Bash League Cricket game! The battery life of the camera was a game-changer, taking an impressive 2,800 shots on a single charge. While the 40 frames per second was a bit much for his style, it could be beneficial to other photographers. And the best part? The rolling shutter issue that used to bend the wickets in his shots was fixed by Canon R6, making for even better panning shots.


The next test: Event Photography

With New Year’s Eve being the biggest party of the year, Travis was ready to capture the moment with the Canon R6. The camera’s ISO capabilities paired with the new RF lenses made capturing stunning firework displays a breeze. While the camera may be light in weight, it certainly doesn’t lack in durability. Travis is known to be rough with his gear, but the R6 held up like a champ, even when swinging from the hip at fast-paced events.


The Canon R6 Showdown: Pros vs Cons

The photo-to-video switch has been improved from the R5 and is now much easier to use, although it could have been placed on the other side to avoid any confusion. Speaking of video, the R6 was impressive with its options and the new temperature gauge, although it wasn’t used much during the shoot. The camera’s turn-on speed was a pet peeve, as it seemed to take an eternity to power up when a moment was unfolding. But despite this minor inconvenience, our photographer was still impressed with how the camera handled itself, finding it easy to integrate into his workflow.


While the camera’s compact size may not be ideal for those with larger hands, it still provides a comfortable grip. Travis was impressed with how the camera handled itself, finding it easy to integrate into his workflow.


It was a fun experience shooting with the Canon R6 and learning about different equipment and of course giving you all a glimpse into the camera’s capabilities and features.

Knowledge is indeed power, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to share it with you!

Until next time

Team SoCo