We say it every year, but we are always so proud to see Western Australia band together around the incredible cause that is Telethon. This year is no different, and we even brought in some new faces for extra hands on deck to make sure we captured ALL the content!

More than $73 MILLION was raised, a record breaking amount, and though exhausted after a huge weekend, the Team couldn’t wipe the smiles from their faces.



Whilst there is so much that we’d LOVE to talk about this month, we simply can’t not share the epic shots that we’ve captured at the Matilda’s games. There is something incredibly special about watching the nation band together in support of the Tillies over the past few months, and getting to see both Sam Kerr and Cailtin Foord score hat-tricks against the Philippines was nothing short of electric. Check out some of our favourite moments below…

Ten Content Ideas for Summer

Well, as promised we have been sharing our top tips for content creation over the Spring months, so what better way to roll into summer than to give you not one, not two, but TEN content ideas for summer!

We have grouped these into three categories for you, experience content, educational content, and personality content. Do with this information what you will, but if you want to up your content game… well, maaaaybe store this inspiration for a sunny afternoon…

Experience content:

1. Showcase the process
Think BTS, give your audience a sneak peak behind the curtains of your business.
2. Give a face to the final product
Show your team hard at work to humanise your brand and make it more personable.
3. Authentic storytelling
Tell your brand’s story transparently, make your audience feel included and connect on a deeper level.

Educational content:

4. Background to the process
Whatever you do, or whatever your final product looks like, give your audience a squiz of the process to get there!
5. Edutainment
Think outside the box! Educate your audience in a way that is enjoyable, for example by experimenting with humour that aligns to your brand tone of voice.
6. Interviews
Interview yourself or your employees about some of your most frequently asked questions!

Personality content:

7. Employee spotlights
Make your content more personable by showcasing the people on your team! This could be through a ‘meet the team’ post, individual spotlights, or even individual ‘get to know the team’ videos.
8. Celebrations and milestones
Show your audience what (and how!) you have celebrated recently, whether it’s been a small win, a big win, or a milestone.
9. Lifestyle
Share content that reflects the lifestyle that your brand embodies. Examples include ‘day in the life’ or ‘come with me’ style vlogs.
10. Values and mission
Finally, don’t forget to share content that highlights your brand’s values and mission. Give the audience a feel for what you stand for to establish a sense of purpose and identity.

If you have any questions about how to get started in content creation for your brand, get in touch with our socials team here!


We hope that your Spring finishes on a high, and we’ll see you in the summertime (woo woo)!

Keep rockin’ and rollin’,
The SoCo Team x