You don’t need the latest and greatest gear to capture stunning images of athletes in action. Sometimes, you just need to make a few simple tweaks.


Tip #1 – Make the Background Work for You

Your background can either make or break your sports photos.

Do you want to show the excitement of the crowd in the background?

Or do you prefer a clean and simple image that puts all the focus on the athlete?


The choice is yours, but just make sure you pay attention to the background.

Keeping the background exposure, a bit darker than the athlete’s exposure is also an important tip. This makes the athlete stand out and grabs the viewer’s attention. Compare these two photos – one with a crowded background, and one with a clean background. Which one do you find more visually appealing?

Tip #2- Look for the Little Moments

Sure, there’s only so many images you can take of a cricketer coming into bowl. But what about the little moments that happen between pitches?

These moments can often reveal the athlete’s personality and give a glimpse into the game’s atmosphere.The smaller moments may seem insignificant, but they can add depth and personality to your photos.


Tip #3- Embrace the Power of Backlighting

The secret is to shoot into the sun. This might sound crazy, but trust us, the results are worth it. Backlighting gives your images a unique texture and depth that you just can’t get from shooting with the sun behind you.

When you’re shooting backlit photos, make sure to expose for the highlights. This may make the image appear a little underexposed, but you can easily fix this in post-processing. The darker side of the image will fall closer to you, creating a stunning contrast that will make your athlete pop.

It’s not just about capturing the action, it’s also about using your surroundings to enhance your images. So next time you’re at a sporting event, think about the environment and how you can use it to amplify your photos. Experiment with backlighting and see how it can bring your sports photography to the next level.


Happy shooting!

The SoCo team