Well, we’re in July, which means that we are officially half way through 2023. Scary, right? Time flies when you’re having fun! 
We love setting goals and reflecting on things here at SoCo. We’re all about tracking progress, recognising growth, expressing gratitude, and celebrating wins no matter how small. The past few weeks we have reflected on the year so far, the things we’ve done, what has meant the most, and where we want to go over the next 6 months….

June 21st was Winter Solstice. Though we in Australia are now on the path back towards longer days, it would be amiss of us, in all of our reflecting, to not delve a little into the literal meaning of Solstice‘to stand still’. In a lot of our work, we get the opportunity to capture a moment in time. Sometimes it’s at a Big Important event. Sometimes it’s a handshake or a headshot. And sometimes it’s just people in their day to day life, going about their business.

In taking a moment pause and reflect, a feeling of gratitude for the work we get to do is frequently shared. How cool that we get to open a door into people’s experiences, businesses and lives, and call it a days work?

June has happened to include quite a bit of ‘stock’ work, taking customised stock images to be used generally, as opposed to the generic ‘Stock’ branded photos (we’ve all seen them in PowerPoint presentations). What this means for organisations is that they have a library of images that showcase their individual brand and values. What this means for us is that we get to capture people and places authentically.

From retail to professional services and local councils, shires and towns, customised stock images can help organisations stand out and make a lasting impression. They can also be leveraged for all assets and communications (think emails, websites, brochures and newsletters, all from the same image library!), elevating authenticity and capturing the unique personality of organisations, businesses and townships.

What we love most about these shoots is that we literally get to go to work and tell people to just… be. The results speak for themselves, there is so much beauty and uniqueness in activities that are just the day-to-day for others.

Forgive us for perhaps being a little sentimental, but it’s nice to remember that we all lead different lives, and there is so much beauty in what we may consider mundane. How lucky we are that, sometimes, the work we get to do is freezing these moments in time to elevate all the various

Thank you for being on this journey with us. We are looking forward to seeing what the second half of 2023 has in store, and hope that you can take some time to pause and reflect on what the last six months have held.
Keep warm and stay cool,
The SoCo Team x