How to write a great video brief 

Videographers are creative and talented people, this we know (duh). They can turn any idea, brand, or concept into a visual storytelling masterpiece. There is a but, though – videographers can only work with what they’re given. Writing a comprehensive video brief is crucial for enabling videographers to create a dynamic, engaging and entertaining end product, and can save you time, money and effort along the way. 

So, how do you go about writing a video brief to get the best outcome? Well, there are six key questions to ask.. 


  1. What is the end result? 

What is the video going to be used for? Is it informative? Is it to hook a viewer to seek out more information? Is it a promotion? If you know the end result including extras like subtitles and graphics, we have the experience and expertise to get you there.  


  1. How is the video going to be used? 

Is the video being produced for advertising online? In-store promotion? Presentation to an audience? This will inform the way that we approach and construct the video. 


  1. What length is needed? 

This question ties in nicely with the first question. Not every video needs to be a feature-length cinematic masterpiece, nor does it need to be a 10-second highlights reel. Consider how the video is going to be used, who the audience is, and what it is trying to achieve. 


  1. How many hours of shooting time is needed? 

This helps us to schedule enough time to capture all of the shots that are needed to get your desired outcome, so that nothing is missed and no one is left disappointed! 


  1. What are the outputs? 

How many videos do you need? Is it one 30-second video? Three 60-second videos into portrait cutdowns of 15 seconds each too? This ties back into the video’s use, so that we know what to capture to get the result you want! 


  1. What is the timeline you’re working with? 

When do you need the product finalised? Having an idea of the timeline we’re working with will allow us to schedule in enough time for edits and iterations. 


Whether you’re writing your first video brief, or you’ve written hundreds before, we’re excited to help you create a visual story for your business. 


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