August? Already?! Time flies when you’re having fun!

July was a month of major events for our team. We spread from the north to the south and even the east of WA (okay, by east we mean Optus Stadium, but hey! It’s on the other side of the Swan River…). Along our journeys around the State, we spent a LOT of time around professional athletes. Specifically, we spent a lot of time around very, very good footballers. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with and we think we’ve gotten pretty sporty via osmosis, so watch this space… SoCo Studios might be the team headlining ICON 2024.

In all seriousness, though a little rainy at times it turns out that winter in WA can be pretty cool (literally).

The SoCo team joined forces for ICON 2023 at Optus Stadium, braving the cold, the wet, and the rowdy fans to capture some pretty epic shots. Vibes were at an all time high on pitch, off pitch, and in the crowd, and it turned even some of our most adamant AFL followers into EPL fanatics for a few days…

You can check out our highlights and BTS on the SoCo ‘gram.

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The Women’s FIFA World Cup has been capturing the hearts and eyes of fans from around the globe, and the team had the luck of capturing some of the most incredible FIFA athletes and their impressive skills up close across WA (honestly, just look at what they are capable of…). Locals of all ages came out in force to a number of events to grab a selfie with their favourite players and  take their skills for a spin.

The West Coast Eagles snapped their drought with a win over North Melbourne, and we snapped their hospitality experience for premium members. Special appearances were made by the likes of Nic Nat, Ben Cousins, and of course the iconic mascots Rick and Rosie!

Stay warm, stay dry, and we’ll see you next month!
With love,
The SoCo Team x